Manjeet Pride’s inspirational International Yoga Day celebration

We celebrated International Yoga Day under the guidance of Dr. Bapusaheb Sonavne, an International Yoga Teacher at One World in association with Lokmat, it was an overwhelming response that brought together a crowd of over 170 energetic participants. The event was not just about practicing yoga, it was a powerful reminder of the strength of community, the beauty of unity, and the importance of wellness in our lives.

As the sun rose, the atmosphere was charged with positivity and anticipation. People from all walks of life gathered, sharing mats, smiles, and a common goal to know the holistic benefits of yoga. The sight of over 170 individuals was a celebration of the spirit of togetherness and the universal appeal of yoga.

The sessions were led by experienced instructors who guided us through a journey of mindfulness, stretching, and breathing. Each pose, each breath, echoed the spirit of this year’s theme, One World, One Family, One Future. It was a reminder, that despite our differences, we are all connected, towards a healthier and more peaceful future.

We are proud of the turnout and the positive energy that flowed throughout the day. This celebration has strengthened our belief in the power of yoga to unite, heal, and inspire. We look forward to many more such events, continuing to encourage a sense of community and well-being.

To all who joined us, thank you for being part of this Yoga Day session. Together, we have made a difference, and together, we will continue to grow as One World, One Family.

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