Living in the era of competition, we always have to be at the top and everyone wishes the same . The time is transforming vigorously and the needs of today’s generation is also touching heights. The modernization has become the actual need and Manjeet Pride Group has always satisfied the conditions to survive in this competition. Manjeet Pride Group are expertise in constructing not only residential places but also commercial properties are built by the group.
Industrial growth is also playing its part in creating employment opportunities, thereby sustaining the livelihood of millions of people in the country and promoting demand for homes. WE, at Manjeet Pride Group are not only creating places for accommodation but also works hard for fulfilling the requirements of the families owning the properties.
Sustainability and Flexibility are type foundations of the company and we do strive hard each and every day to ensure quality, trust and innovations and new technologies that we incorporate at a global level with an objective to improve life locally.
Lets not just create structures but create bonds which we will cherish life long. We are here to change the lifestyle of living and following Gandhiji’s statement- “Be the change you want to see in the world“, WE are the change in the living standards of the society.



Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rajpal, the driving force behind the remarkable journey of Manjeet Group, has led the company to become a prominent player in the cotton industry through his visionary leadership. Along with his brother Rajendra Singh Rajpal, Mr. Bhupedra Singh Rajpal, co-founded Manjeet Cotton Pvt. Ltd. in 1983 and transformed it into the nation’s leading cotton processor and exporter. With his Master of Commerce degree, Mr. Bhupendra Rajpal’s academic background has provided him with a deep understanding of the business world. His strategic direction and foresight have not only expanded the company’s presence in the cotton sector but have also led the Manjeet Group to successful ventures in spinning, real estate, and renewable energy. Additionally, Mr. Rajpal actively participates in the cotton trade community, holding key positions in organizations such as the Cotton Association of India and the Maharashtra Cotton Association. His visionary leadership and dedication to philanthropy, including his involvement with the Lion Eye Hospital, continue to inspire success and innovation at the helm of the Manjeet Group.


Mr. Rajendra Singh Rajpal, the Managing Director of Manjeet Cotton Pvt. Ltd., is a prominent figure in the Manjeet Group. With a robust foundation in commerce, mirrored by his Master of Commerce degree, he co-founded MCPL alongside his brother, Mr. BS Rajpal, marking the inception of a legacy in the cotton industry. Mr. Rajendra Singh Rajpal’s expertise in finance and accounts has been instrumental in MCPL’s financial stability and operational success. His visionary leadership have been pivotal in shaping the group’s success story, not just within the cotton sector but across its diversified ventures. Mr. RS Rajpal’s guidance has allowed the Manjeet Group to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, establishing its position as a leader in the industry. His commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach continue to drive the group towards a future filled with possibilities and accomplishments


Mr. Sanchit Singh Rajpal, the Joint Managing Director of Manjeet Cotton Pvt. Ltd., embarking on his professional journey with the Manjeet Group in 2006, has been a driving force for growth and innovation. With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Family Managed Business degree from the prestigious SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai, Mr. Sanchit brings a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise to the company’s operations. As the head of the export division, he has played a pivotal role in expanding Manjeet’s global presence and implementing advanced systems and technologies to streamline operations. His forward- thinking approach and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in exploring new markets and maintaining the company’s competitive edge on the international stage. As a second-generation leader, Mr. Sanchit has brought fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the Manjeet Group, ensuring its continued success and prominence in the ever-changing business landscape. With his proactive leadership and visionary outlook, he is driving the company towards new heights of achievement and sustainability in the global arena.


Mr. Karan Singh Rajpal, the youngest director of Manjeet Group since 2021, has swiftly emerged as a key player in the company’s strategic diversification into real estate with his innovative approach and background in commerce and family business management from SP Jain Institute of Management. Leading the real estate ventures, Mr. Karan’s strategic vision and market acumen have positioned Manjeet Group as a key player in the industry, driving the group’s endeavours to meet evolving customer demands and industry trends with dedication to excellence and a proactive mind set. As a torchbearer of Manjeet Group’s legacy, Mr. Karan Singh Rajpal’s leadership embodies innovation, growth, and diversification, committing to seizing new opportunities and overcoming challenges for the group’s continued success in the real estate market.


In addition to financial acumen, Navin Bagadiya is a qualified Production engineer. He is a veteran businessman with exposure in various fields which gives him an all round perspective for strategic decision making. He utilizes his experience and intellect in new land acquisition and plays a key role in strategic developments of Manjeet Pride Group.


Bachelor of Architecture has 10 years of rich experience in the real estate industry. Under his able stewardship the group’s business has increases manifolds, spreading not merely geographically but also in innovative ability, growing number of landmark projects offering mute testimony. Full of energy and enthusiastic approach to work personifies his personality. He has being the honorable secretary of CREDAI Aurangabad chapter for 2009-2011 tenure. He is an integral part of group for creating a vision statement for Aurangabad city and suggesting practical measures to implement them for Aurangabad’s transformation into a world class city!!


B.E Mechanical engineer from the 1993 batch of Government College of Engineering Aurangabad. Looking after the Aluminum extrusion plant completely.


BE Electrical from SGGS Engineering College Nanded. Has over 15 years of experience in engineering industry. Processes a dynamic personality. Looking after Jailaxmi Casting & Alloys Pvt .Ltd.
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