Best Ever Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Here is some crazy home decor ideas for Diwali


The Diwali buzz is in the air and fever is on people’s minds. Everybody is in a festive mood and they get busy with Diwali shopping and Diwali decorations. It is necessary to keep our tradition alive by celebrating the festival in a traditional way. And the most important part is to decorate your dream home for this biggest Hindu festival.


Here are some ideas to decorate your home beautifully,

1. You can use stunning and elegant torans for your doors as it is the entrance of your home. You can use torans of artificial flowers, beads and pearls, vertical torans can also be used for diwali.


2. If you have any big copper & steel vessel in your home then add water to it and fill it up to half level. Now add floating diyas, some shimmer and flowers into it. You can put it in the corner, it will give an elegant yet festive look to your home.

    3. Use candles of different shapes and sizes and decorate them with different laces and light them up in your living room in diwali evening. These candles make your home feel warm and adorable by every means.    

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