Why You Should Buy Your Own Home On Gudi Padwa?
Gudi Padwa marks the first day of the traditional new year for the Marathi community & considered to be one of the holiest days in the community. The day signifies hope, new beginnings and prosperity and that is why purchasing a new home in India on this occasion is considered the greatest thing. It is the most awaited time for home buyers. If you have planned for buying a home this year, or had planned but could not make it in the last year; then inaugurate the grand beginning of this year on the eve of Gudi Padwa by booking your dream home for your loved ones. Let us understand why Gudi Padwa can be auspicious as well as the best time for buying homes. Now, what are builders offering to make the deal sweeter for the home buyer during this Gudi Padwa.   Special booking discount: Builders & Real estate developers try to attract buyers by giving special discounts, which are very beneficial for buyers & they can buy their home easily with the help of these discounts.   Discount on stamp duty: There is so much discount on stamp duty as well on the occasion of Gudi Padwa, as one has to pay the stamp duty while purchasing or after constructing the new home.   EMI for the specific period to be paid by the developer: Different offers from the real estate developers include this as well, they will be paying your home’s EMI for several periods if you have taken the loan for it.   Group discounts: The builders also give a special discount and offer on the group home booking. This offer may give you an attractive discount.   Buy now, pay later: Some real estate developers offer this as well, buy a home now and pay later. You can book a home in that time period and get the offer of paying later.

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